Weekend Notes: Doing fast food better


Doing fast food better

Freshly landing in Victoria, you’ll find Greenstreat at 122/126 Swan Street, Richmond. The brainchild of brothers Jesse and Jackson who were already marketing their family’s award-winning dressings, it was a no-brainer for them to reconnect people who wanted to be healthy and fit, and those looking for fresher greens, to the farm fresh produce they sourced, and topped with their delicious dressings. Add to it a spacious, relaxed venue, and there you have it – a treat of greens or a greens treat at Greenstreat. Stay in touch via Facebook for operating hours.

Arriving around midday soon after it opened, it was encouraging to see the long line of customers that only grew as time went on, most of them lining up to ‘takeaway‘ their fresh salads or warm bowls and burritos back to the office one would assume. The line of customers moved swiftly, served by a row of employees ready to take their order. It looked like everyone was happy with the pre-set combination of salads and warm bowls, without having to resort to customising their own bowl.

So how is Greenstreat different from many other salad bars that have dotted the landscape of Melbourne? For starters, the service is fast and friendly, and let’s face it, if you line up 3 exact same salad bars, you’d have to agree, the friendlier faster one is the one you’d keep going back to. It looks like Greenstreat has got that down pat. The decor adds to the relaxed feel, uncluttered by tables and chairs it looks bright and airy. Neat, pristine, contemporary, clean simple lines, minimalism and functionality without sacrificing ambience comes to mind. On the side by the windows, facing out onto street art is a long bench with stools for those who’d like to stop and have their meal at the counter. I liked that the name of the salad bar was spread along the long lines of the ceiling as you enter.

You can also shop at Greenstreat, where you’ll find a minimum amount of products put in a neat order, sitting along a long double counter towards the back end of the salad bar in an uncluttered manner. You can buy the award-winning sauces complete with a recipe to make one of their food bowls, peanut butter bars, cans of drinks, crisps and more. The menu is fresh and seasonal, it can be tossed to order, it’s sourced from local farmers and suppliers where possible, and the dressings are award-winning and chef created.

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