It is important to know not only where your food is coming but also how it has been prepared, That is why at greenstreat we strive to use as much produce as possible in its original form. From the seed being planted to the final product on your plate transparency is key!


We believe in creating great flavour and know this can only be achieved by putting in time and effort! Preparing everything from your pressed juices to our house made dressings from scratch, gives us great confidence in going forward offering  not only healthy meal alternatives at lunchtime but also creating a lifestyle to follow.


We have big plans to become a leader in sustainability in the area. From the food we eat, to waste management, our plan is to think green for both body and planet.  Society can’t afford not to think and eat sustainably and we are committed to implementing all new sustainable ideas/procedures and continually promoting “green”awareness within our community.


Supporting local produce is  a main priority when sourcing our ingredients. This ensures that  not only do we know where we are getting our fresh food from, but our customers do as well. .

Arnolds Fruit Market

In 1988 Arnolds’ opened a retail store in Osburn St, Wodonga just like the Olive St Market in Albury that had traded for the first half of last century. Arnold’s Fruit Market started very small and in twelve months had doubled in size.

Additions were added over many years and in 2012 the biggest renovation of all. Arnold’s Fruit Market tripled in size to include a larger range of fresh fruit and vegetables as well a an extensive range of grocery lines.

New fittings included lighting, fridges, flooring and displays with wider aisles to allow better accessibility.  Customers shop in an enormous cool room that keeps everything fresher. Extra registers were added.

Even the old 1929 Chevrolet delivery truck has prime position hoisted high above the cool rooms.

Ross Tomatoes

Ross Tomatoes have been growing hydroponic tomatoes in their 3,000 square metre greenhouse for around 20 years, mainly truss tomatoes plus a range of heirloom and cherry tomatoes. They grow all year round. Their tomato varieties are chosen primarily for taste and they like seek feedback from their customers as to which varieties they prefer.

Beechworth Cloud Apple Juice

Apple juice that tastes like real apples… because it is!

Beechworth Apple Juice takes pride in producing fresh-pressed, juice for the whole family to enjoy. Beechworth Apple Juice is 100% Australian owned and grown.

Urban Blend

Urban Blends is the brainchild of three Kings: A mother, a father and a son.

We are a true family business, born out of a love of the café culture, built on a wealth of experience and inspired by a tale of two countries.

The Kings owned and operated a celebrated café-restaurant in Australia, but after 18 years, their homeland called, and they returned to Christchurch where they launched Café King, a business supplying chai and chocolate drinks to cafes and roasters across the country. Their son Jimmy eventually came back to Melbourne, his city of birth, and with him came the industry experience and passion which would eventually lead to the creation of Urban Blends.

The White Owl Coffee

The White Owl Coffee blend consists of three beans, all Arabica with origins of Colombia, Brazil and Ethiopia.

The Colombian and Brazilian beans bring rich chocolate and caramel flavours with the Ethiopian added to create depth of complexity to the blend.

The roast is medium and designed for a white espresso coffee. But it drinks extremely well black and by filter.

McGrath Fine Foods

McGrath Fine Foods was established by Laurence & Jan  McGrath and family after many years of operating successful cafes and restaurants in the Albury area. Laurence, a talented chef and passionate advocate for healthy eating and lifestyle, added a sensational salad to his menu and finished it with a dressing so fresh and delicious that customers requested take home bottles.

This dressing was so popular that Laurence decided to build a business around it, enabling him to indulge his love of spice combinations, natural ingredients and “easy eating”. As the business grew, sons Jesse and Jackson joined the company making us a true family business.

In keeping with our philosophy of “good tasting and good for you”, our range has expanded with more versatile, delicious dressings that are rivalling Poppyseed (and the old Tomato sauce) as staples on the family dinner table.

We are proud of our dressings and the many awards they have received, believing they will do Australia proud!

The list continues with  crisp apples from Beechworth, mushrooms from Kergunyah, oranges from Griffith and a range of herbs from Benalla and we can proudly say we are a true supporter of our wonderful local suppliers!



We love to hear ways you think we can improve our values, feedback and questions are always invited!
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