Greenstreat Career Application

August 18, 2022

Wodonga CBD Application

At greenstreat we do things differently.

Our mission is to make everyone's day just a little bit better and we do this by putting the FOOD back into FASTFOOD
Our recruitment ethos is simple, we aim to hire people that strive to make everyone's day just that little bit better

Welcome to the first part of that process!

The first part of this process has no right or wrong answers.
Each question will have two options as seen below highlighted in red.

----------------------THIS IS AN EXAMPLE ----------------------

----------------------THIS IS AN EXAMPLE ----------------------

You will be able to select from left to right on what you think matches you.

In the example above, if you feel that you are someone to jump straight into something and get working, you would select the far right STRONGLY AGREE.
If you think you would personally look at the situation, assess whether you need instructions and if not just jump right in, you would select NEUTRAL.