what we are doing

creating a culture

We strive to change the way people think about, choose and eat food. Our aim is to ensure that nourishing food, full of flavour, is accessible on a daily basis to all, while supporting local producers whenever possible.

everything in moderation, including moderation” –Oscar Wilde

meet the founders

the mcgrath family

Greenstreat was established  by Jesse, Jackson and Jan McGrath in 2018, building the first outlet in their hometown Albury, New South Wales. After identifying a gap in the  lunchtime market, they knew they could create a healthy choice, developing a satisfying , sustainable fast food option. To them, this nutritious, convenient style of eating is not just an enjoyable healthy fuel for the body but a positive lifestyle change. They believe what you put in your body has a direct effect on your day to day life and that is why they aim to make the food journey from farm to plate as transparent as possible. For them, it is more than just food, it’s a lifestyle!